March 8, 2011

Geekhouse Polo Bike

One of the cool things I saw at NAHBS was Brad from Urban Velo's custom S&S coupled polo bike in the Geekhouse booth.
At first I was like, those rotor guards are lame. Why would you use such easily bent items like disc brake rotors for guards? Then I talked to Marty about it and he clued me in to the fact that using a bicycle component that is readily available repurposed for this task means that the guards are field serviceable in just about any town with a bike shop. It's a perfect application for a guard that is designed to be replaceable. Pretty flipping smart.
For you Polo people out there, the wheel cover is the new Burro Bags Cordura wheel cover. Seems to make a lot of sense.

I also want to say that it was a pleasure meeting the folks from Geekhouse, they're nice as hell. I remember a few years back they had some white All-City straps on one of their NAHBS bikes, a blue track bike if I'm not mistaken, and it got me so stoked that someone would put one of our products on their show bike. This was during the early days of AC and I think we had just gotten our first parts in a month before NAHBS and no one knew who we were or what we did yet. I've wanted to meet them ever since. Lame story I know, but thats my life.

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Sven said...

Those wheel covers are weird. They are heavy and they don't really seem like they would protect the spokes from impact.

Also they are $60.