March 11, 2011

Core Cat West Palm Beach March 26th

Bike Jerks is proud to sponsor the Core Cat

Core-Cat 8-1

and thanks for including this photo in the email, I'm sure it'll make B.Ridge's day
rad pup


b.ridget said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

Bike Jerks sent two one-off shirts. I got them (though nO fault of the Bike Jerks) the day before the race. I was worried they wouldnt come but BAM! SO scrambling to find who should get these, BEST VOLUNTEER! Two ladies that were at checkpoints for the race got some original Bike Jerks shirts! They were all smiles! ... now ... they are SUPER fantastic! Everyone else jumps back!

Thanks for the support. Original T-Shirt is MEGA better than (insert diff sponsorship).

Race brought in $320 for the N Multiple Sclerosis S, Ft. Lauderdale Chapter. Big WIN!