March 23, 2011

MPLS Courier

Skinny Randy, of Velo Veggies, has started himself a courier service that will essentially deliver anything in the Uptown Area. If that restaurant you love doesn't deliver call Randy. If you're wasted and you need some smokes call Randy. He'll buy and deliver whatever you want for the cost of goods plus a modest delivery fee of $6.
(Don't call him to deliver weed though, that's a different guy)

We called him up on Monday, his first night of operation, and had him pick up some Thai food for us since no Thai places deliver to our house (technically outside his delivery zone) and we were feeling decadent and wishing to support this fine young entrepeneur.

who wouldn't want to invite this guy in?

MPlS Courier operates daily from 4-11pm.

Super excited that Minneapolis now has a service like this.

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