March 22, 2011

Spoke of Luck Photos

As readers of this blog know, my lovely GF B.Ridget's father Tom owned a bike shop in St. Paul during the bike boom years of the 70's and early 80's. The shop sold Kabuki, Peugeut and Astra, and Tom was known as quite the wheelbuilder. It's been on our mind lately since I am in the midst of doing a small run of his original Tom designt-shirts that he drew for the shop.

Quick sidenote, when I used to come home from the bike shop smelling like grease B.Ridge always found the smell familiar and comforting because during her early years she spent a lot of time in a crib at the shop. It was very endearing to a bike dork such as myself that my lady liked the smell of Park grease.

Anyway, she had some old photos of the shop so I figured since it comes up on the blog every now and then I'd scan them in and post them up.

sol3 sept 80
Spoke of Luck Sept 1980
note the hanging sign that Tom designed in his signature style



sol 7 jan 81
Tom Bailey at your service

sol 6jan 81
January 81

sol 5 jan 81
Tom January 81
that Michelin man cardboard sign above his head can now often be seen in photos of my basement workshop

SOL Repair slip -not a vintage photo

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