December 15, 2008

the weather

I clearly remember the moment this past summer when it hit me: Summer sucks. It's true. I said it and I believed it, I still do to some extent, however these past few winter days have made me miss those muggy unbearably nasty Minnesota summer days. In the northern midwest we have spring and fall. Those are the glorious days of reasonable temps, easy outdoor activity, and brats as far as the eye can see. Summer is suckily humid and winter is a flat out bitch!
Yesterday we had our first bout of freezing rain. I parked my bike outside Midwest Mountaineering for about 45 minutes and when I came out my Brooklyn had completely frozen over. I couldn't get my cranks to turn on a fucking fixie there was so much ice. Today, it's -20 with a windchill.

However today is not a day of sorrow but one of joy, because it's -20 degrees and I am able to remark that "it's not that cold."
Yes, it's finally that time of winter when our bodies are fat and resilient. A few weeks ago if it dipped much past 20 I was cussing a storm. No longer, the turning point was today, and from here on out it's easy sailing.

Here is a picture from a nice spring day.

See you later, it's -20 and it ain't so bad.

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