December 10, 2008

Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of All Time

My roomate and I were chatting the other day about The Chronic 2001, and we both agreed that it might be the greatest hip hop album of all time. I'm sure all you indie rap kids will cry foul that I would choose a mainstream album as the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time, thanks L.L.). However the album front to back is one of the most amazing things ever committed to tape. Every track is classic (even though I don't care for Eminem's tracks) and the production is simply amazing. This album was the perfect closer to 90's era rap, and bookended the decade perfectly along with the original Chronic.

So after having this conversation I wondered what else might be in my top rap albums of all time, and here's a list of 10. They are in loose order of preference since it would take too much energy to really try and pinpoint an exact order in terms of preference.

And in case you're wondering about my credentials in this matter, I was once a huge indie rap nerd and used to put out mixtapes under a few different monikers. Most notably and perhaps embarrassingly Hearts2Large (see I'm b-boy as shit), but cut me some slack I was young. and who among us didn't go through an emotional and moody phase in their early 20's and get way too into Atmosphere for their own good. Hit me up and I'll make you some copies sucka. Anyway, the point is that I care about this shit and therefore you best respect the list.

Also it seems like people love it when I post stuff that they can comment on. So here you go comment on this.

1. The Chronic 2001, Dr. Dre - delivered Snoop back to us, the beats are flawless and genius, gangsta as fuck.
2. Bobby Digital in Stereo- Bobby Digital- So creative, so bad ass, so silly, so amazing.
3. 3 Feet High and Rising-De La Soul- Way back in '88, the creativity and the production would not be matched for a long time. A true landmark and watershed album, introduced the native tongue movement to the world.
4. Doggystyle-Snoop Dogg- Dr. Dre. produced, the archetype for G Funk era albums. Every song is gold.
5. The Score-Fugees-for a long time I never listened to this record because I thought it was chick shit (killing me softly), I now lament all the time I ignored it. The production is arguably the best since Doggystyle, although the skits are terrible.
6.Endtroducing-DJ Shadow- if you don't own it, what the fuck are you waiting for.
7. Dr. Octagonecologyst-Dr. Octagon- Dan the Automator's production on this album is stunning, Kool Keith is in rare form. I also recommend the instramental version.
8. Reachin-Digable Planets- the height of hippy feel good rap. Despite the fact that I just said it is "hippy feel good rap" don't sleep on this album.
9. ATLiens-Outkast- nobody saw this one coming, put the south on the map.
10. LabCabinCalifornia-Pharcyde- this should be way up the list, but I'm too lazy to reorganize and besides I told you the order was done in haste. LabCabinCalifornia is the greatest back yard barbeque album, period. if you don't have it, you better get it.

It's kind of funny to me that even though I once prided myself on my knowledge of underground hip hop in all it's forms, all of the albums on my list are mainstream except for Endtroducing. Also one album I wanted to put on the list but didn't was local group Mel Gibson & the Pant's album A Mannequin American. It is fucking unreal. go get it.

so that's my quick little list of rap albums that I like. okay

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Bike Jerks said...

*I edited this list last night*

took out Notorious BIG's Life After Death, and added ATLiens.
I can't believe I forgot about Outkast.