December 9, 2008

Tom LaMarche Joins Charge

By now I'm sure that everyone who gives a shit, knows that Tom LaMarche has left Brooklyn Machine Works and is now riding for Charge. This is the first big move for a sponsored fixed gear rider in the still nascent world of fixed gear freestyle. Tom is arguably the best freestyler in the world (or at least the best of the "BMX" style of riders), and his departure from Brooklyn is a major event as other companies bring out freestyle frames and cut into Brooklyn's dominance of the market.

Does this mean that we'll start seeing Charge bikes popping up in the U.S.? Is this their starting point for U.S. domination?
Are Brooklyn Gangstas not the "it" bike to have anymore?

It is a very interesting development as Brooklyn has housed the nations best Alleycat Racer in Austin Horse, and the best freestyler in Tom. A very big coup for a smallish company.
It'll be very interesting to see what this will do to the trends in freestyle and I'm excited to see how this reverberates around the small fixed gear community.
While we wait to see how this effects things I can only guarantee you one thing: I'm going to keep riding the shit out of my Brooklyn. Those are my boys!

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