December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Wisco

This weekend I packed up a couple of bikes and headed to Wisconsin to enjoy turkey with my family. I love the fact that my 29'er mountain bike compliments the Brooklyn so well. It sums up the bike scene in minneapolis quite well.
The seat cover is to protect the vintage b15 narrow that I perch my ass on when riding the Mariachi.
And here's a shot in the woods of the trails at the wonderful Hanson Lake trail system in Rhinelander. As I mentioned earlier, my mountain bike of choice is now a Salsa El Mariachi. I never thought that I"d be into singlespeeds or 29'er mountain bikes, but I enjoy both more than I ever thought possible. This is now pretty much the only off road bike I ride. I previously thought that single speeding only worked well in Minnesota because its' so flat, but I have been enjoying riding it everywhere, and on some of the biggest bluffs in the midwest. It's awesome and if you have any inclination I highly recommend you check out a Mariachi.

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