December 9, 2008


I recently picked up this Faggin (Fahjeen), it's a 52 with a 54.5 toptube. It's a bit beatup but is classic Italian in every way in which a bike can be classic Italian. Pantographed lugs, bottom bracket cutout, campagnolo dropouts, shitty paint, Columbus tubes, etc. There are a few curious things about her though, it has what appears to be a Benotto track fork on it and curiously sports a Masi Milan decal on the top tube and the brake bridge. The lugs are clearly Faggin, and I doubt very much that Masi Milan (not to be confused with Masi USA) would use Faggin lugs on one of their bikes. This leaves the conclusion that some previous owner added the Masi decals, but why? I'd like to believe that there is something special going on with this bike, but I have no idea what the Masi decals are all about. Anyway it's a classic Italian track bike, and it's pretty darn neat.

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Tavis said...

What size seatpost does that take?