December 9, 2008

The ugliest bike in the world

Kevin alerted me to this post on fixed gear gallery, I can't get the photos off of it so you'll have to click it to see what I'm talking aobut.

Here are the poster's comments:

Hey Guys,
My name is Loren and I am from Sacramento, Ca. Here is my fixie project.... I found this 10 speed on the side of the road "dead", and I stripped it down and am in the process of creating my first fixie. I am going to paint it and get a better crank and stem for it!!!!
Definitely not bad for free.... and some persistence and work and you got a nice bike!! I get looks everywhere.
Here's the pics

They say that love is blind, and from the looks of this bike that certainly seems to be the case. From the seat angle, to the stem, to the rear wheel, to the slack chain and 650 front wheel. This thing is a rolling nightmare.

I immediately assumed it must be a joke, a parody of all those who post on fixed gear gallery and a mockery of fixed gear culture, that is until I reached the last pic. It's black and white, and everybody knows that black and white can only be used in the most sincerest of situations.
I am indeed sure of one thing however, and that is the accuracy of the statement "I get looks everywhere." Indeed.

Normally I would also assume that perhaps the owner has no loot (in which case ride whatever the fuck you got) and that this is the only thing she can afford. However judging from the front wheel and rear wheels, and white chain, she clearly is putting real money into this thing. In which case it's totally fine to tease her about it.

I'm glad that someone loves this bike, but I've got to end this post, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


fixie fiend said...

hahahahah @ chromed handles thats whack

Justin said...

why is the chain stay so long??

ViciousG42 said...

BUTT ASS UGLY. GODDAMN. yeah that thing sucks.

vcmc said...

steel cranks & pedals? the only way they could be worse is if they were cottered. gross