December 8, 2008

Ice Beard

So it's been snowing all day and I wanted to go out for a little ride and check on the spots that we are planning on filming at tomorrow. I realized a couple of things: riding in the snow is super fun, and speed is your only friend. I also realized that trying to get good footage over the next month is going to be tricky and alot of work. There are some dry garages for flatland, but my favorite garage is starting to get wind blown snow in it, making the bank tricky to ride.
Anyway, I implore all of you out there to explore all the nooks, crannies, and parking garages of this fair city, and let me know if you come across anything dry with good space for flatland or maybe even some rideable ledges and banks. We need to find a variety of locations to film at so that things don't look so boring. If you know of some good possible locations it would be real nice of you to get in touch or leave a comment with the address so I can scope it out.

I also got my first semi-decent ice beard of the winter.

Viva Winter!


Justin said...

ya i will find my old garage keys, if i can get in this one we got warm dry air and two levels of garage fun and some banks.... And I saw a cool spot before it snowed its in kinnda a weird spot but a cool spot its when you start to get on 394 west its in the middle of the roads sweet rolling banks and lips and light and shelter....

carney said...

Game On! Snow is damn fun. See ya tonight.