December 22, 2008

Indoor Velodrome in Boulder

Whilst trolling the web (on the cyclejerks site actually, and to answer the questions I usually get about them: no we're not affiliated, yes I'm aware that they exist, no, I don't know who was around first, no they're not my enemies.) I discovered that Boulder is not only getting it's own indoor Velodrome of somewhat unusual length (142m) and banking (45 degrees) but also an indoor mtb park as well. Now, I'll be the first to chime in with "Boulder Sucks" whenever the town is brought up. A few years ago I drove into town and the first thing I spot is a Porsche with a Dead Kenedy's sticker on it and boom; opinion formed: this place blows.
That opinion was furthered by the fact that the place is a douche bag magnet and the whole town is new construction and looks like 50th and France (the richest part of the wealthiest suburb in the city).
Now I will be the first to admit that not everyone who lives there is a douche (Luby for one kicks ass) and the riding and recreating opportunities there are great. It just seems to me that Boulder is the definitive example of what happens when Money (with a capital M) comes to town and destroys local culture. It's Disneyfication and gentrification personified.
Now me, I'm more of a Western Slope kind of guy. I like poor people, old places, and character.
Though I vehemently dislike Boulder, even I've got to admit that the fact that they're not only getting an indoor velodrome, but a MTB park as well is simply amazing.
Congrats, all you denizens of the Front Range. Now, make sure you get out there and ride. If this business is successful it will hopefully set a precedent for the sustainablity of indoor velodromes in the U.S.
more info can be found here: Boulder Indoor Cycling


Bilko said...

Ft. Collins is to have track construction soon with slated summer completion....

Amanda said...

cycle jerks is a play on circle jerks..... you know, the band. it's amazing that you got all that about boulder just by visiting once. i lived there four years and i would say you hit the nail on the head. boulder is visit. if you love rich white people who say they are liberal and progressive, but not really...then boulder is the place for you. it's just too bad i never got any sweet indoor velodrome action while i was there. curses.

jeffzaayer said...

boulder is on the East slope buddy. The continental divide is about 25 miles West of there