May 25, 2011

Twin City Fantasy Factory


some local BMX rippers built themselves an indoor playground and are inviting folks to pony up and join the club. Their setup is called the TC Fantasy Factory

Here are their rates:

Open 24/7 to all ages, beginners to pros. Members only.

Membership Length Cost
1 Day* $50+tax
1 Week* $100+tax
1 Month* $200+tax
3 Months* $400+tax
*Must coordinate sessions with a Keyholder
6 Months/Keyholder** $600+tax
**Additional $200 if purchased in Sept-Dec

And here's some video of the park

If you're one of those people out there who always wanted to do something like this or wish this existed in Minneapolis, it's time to step up and support to make sure it succeeds.

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