May 9, 2011

Spaghetti Sauce


One of my favorite things is spaghetti and my sauce of choice is Chef Boyardee's w/ meat. Now before you get all high and mighty talking shit about my poor diet and the fact that I eat sauce from a can, let me tell you that it's the fucking bomb and I've turned more than a few people into believers.

It's the sauce that my mother used to feed us when I was growing up, and then it disappeared from the store shelves in Rhinelander. A few years later at college I found a grocery store in Eau Claire that carried it and even after I moved to the cities, whenever I was in town I would swing by and stock up.

A few years back I even found a grocer in Minneapolis that carried it, but last year that too dried up. With my stash depleted recently I searched all over town to no avail. Then I decided to try the internet and found it for sale on Amazon. This is definitely the weirdest thing that I have ever purchased online, but dude am I stoked to know that it is back in easy reach.

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mark$ter said...

Imagine though, just for a second my love, how much more Winny-Pants you would be if you didn't eat all that nuclear dumpster juice. Just sayin'. Because I care.