May 13, 2011

New Mayor of Minneapolis


B and I are fostering to adopt this dude. I'm rapidly falling in love so hopefully it'll work out and he will join our family permanently. He comes to us with the name Wiggles, but we're thinking we're going to change it, or at the very least add something to it like Dr. Keith Wiggles DDS.

The front leading candidate so far is Baroo, which (barroo) is the name of the type of vocalization that Basenji's make. He's a Basenji Heeler mix at best guest.

If you've got any stunning dog names out there hit us up. We're open to suggestions.


Jeff said...

Markster just dropped Zardoz on us. c'mon people get into it.

Nova_C said...

Oh man. we had a basenji sharpei mix when i was a kid. i loved that dog, even tho he had horrible taco farts.

problem was, the guy thought he was the man of the house, and would nip my mam on the back of the legs if she even spoke to another dude! we had to get rid of him :(

His name was Janosch (hungarian for Jon).

good luck with dog. i really like Dr. Kenneth Wiggles DDS alot.

Anonymous said...

How about "Nuclear Winter"?

Ashley said...

name the pup Halland. my lady and i got a puppy this year with the intention of getting 2 dogs. our dog's name is Oates, as in John Oates. Long story short, we were going to adopt another one and name it Halland, so that whenever we were in public with them or had to discipline them we would have to yell "HOLLAND OATES!"

Anonymous said...

Octavius. I have a heeler, and I just think that roman names suit them.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Keith Wiggles, D.O.G.O.B.G.Y.N.