July 20, 2009

All City Championship Sponsors and Schedule

The All City Championship and Party Weekend.
Yes, that's Party Weekend, capital P Capital W.
If you've been to All City's past then you know how we get down. Drunken sprints in the warehouse district, parties in the alley, panic in the streets. The ACC has grown substantially in both size and scope every year and it's time to take this thing to the next level. A whole weekend of events starting Thursday night with the Trick Comp ending Sunday with the Polo tourney. And no stopping in between.

It's shaping up to look like this:

August 20-23rd

Thursday: 2 minute trick comp
Friday: Match Sprints (are you fast enough to beat the Robeast?), Miss n Out (crit style), trackstand
Saturday day: Polo, Freeride (booze cruise)
Saturday night: All City Championship Alleycat (the most bad ass summer race around, if you think you're fast. show up and prove it. I'm looking at you Milwaukee and Chicago)
Sunday: Polo finals

Big thank you to our friends at Holdfast

Chrome (who've been with us since the very first year)

And Profile Racing who are now with us for the second time

Also returning are all the sponsors from the BFF alleycat.

I've said it before, so apologies if this sounds like a broken record, but these are the people who support the events that bring us all together. They don't do it because they have to, they do it because they actually give a shit about us. Respect that, and keep it in mind when deciding which companies to support.

more updates soon.


carney said...

awww shit. gettin pumped. Have you figured out what prizes are going into what prize pools?

Pfutz said...

super stoked, let me know if you need any help


Jeff said...

thanks, it'll be the same setup for volunteers as last year. I'll make a posting on Bike Love to contact Anti Martha

briesmash said...

Check out my race::

Come if you can, it will be a blast!!