July 28, 2009

RiverWest 24 the Aftermath

I was planning on writing up a big retelling of the weekend's adventures but I already did that on the All-City blog (and for those of you who maybe didn't know, I also write the AC blog, but since I get paid to do it it's usually more thoughtful and well crafted) so let me just say the following and let the pictures here and on the Bike Jerks flickr tell the story.

In hindsight, the more I think about the weekend the more grateful I am for it. It couldn't have come along at a better point in my summer or year or life. I had a spectacular time, discovered that the Riverwest neighborhood is romantic as hell (in the nostalgic, bundle up and go to the corner bar and order a brandy in the middle of winter kind of way), and realized how much I miss Wisconsin bar culture and the genuine openness that is clearly lacking when thrown in relief here in Minneapolis. Acquaintances became trusted friends and allies, strangers renewed my belief in other people, metal dudes caught some sun and you can bet your ass I'll be back next year for sure, I consider myself lucky to have been there for this one. It wasn't necessarily the race, races are what you make of them and the RW24 only served to form the framework within which the weekend developed. It was getting a peek into other people's worlds and remembering that skepticism and standoffishness are only crutches for the weak and hold few rewards.

Forgive me but I'm all emotional tonight. I'm a little drunk and my dear lil bro Matt just stopped by after finishing his long bike tour and I'm very happy to have my little man back around.

they've never seen a girl before.

yes, I am this dumb

our hosts

base camp


Everyone is MIlwaukee has a Wisconsin tattoo, (you can see the bottom of Robert's here) you can't even believe it.

Mark doing his "ain't I a stinker?" routine (note the 'sconnie tat)



yes he's actually doing that

my favorite photo. Born with a Moustache: Boo, Mark, me, Josh




rox said...

I hope you drank out of a boot too

Anonymous said...

Well put, Jeff. Riverwest is a great neighborhood. It was an amazing weekend and it was awesome to hang with you guys. Come back!



Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

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