July 12, 2009

BFF Minneapolis in Pictures and a few words

It's Sunday of the BFF here in Minneapolis and I'm still trying to wrap my mind around what happened. The last 72 hours or so have been a blur of riding, watching, boozing, napping, and licking the wounds incurred during those aforementioned activities.

Here are some shots of the weekend. It was a hell of a time. The race went off swimmingly, the films were better than they ever have been, seeing myself on the screen during the Stupor Bowl movie was odd and humbling, and one of the greatest bike parties that I have ever been to took place at One on One on Saturday night. For those who've never partied, derby'd (in Minneapolis we don't play foot down, we derby. it's reckless, amazing, and brutal) or hung out in the alley downtown on a warm summer night I suggest you come by for the All City Championship (Aug 20-23) and give it a try. It's pretty life affirming in that all these seemingly silly life choices that you've made all come crashing down and lay themselves out in a way that makes you realize that you've been always been correct in your convictions and are indeed a master of your own destiny.

BFF Alleycat Results

1 Skinny Randy
2 BenJammin
3 Mario

1 Jana
2 Alicia
3 Beff

we had 57 entrants and it was a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone who showed up.


Cort said...

Who's the dude with the Elvis Tat and why doesn't he come hang out in Memphis?

Kevin said...

Oh man, that's definitely Nate on the Santana tandem!