January 22, 2009

Ice Beards and Stupor Sprints

This morning the Robeast Trevor Crayton showed up at work with a truly spectacular ice beard.
Trevor is the Minneapolis Sprint Champ, so far nobody has ever gotten within two bike lengths of him in a match sprint. Which brings me to the point that Bike Jerks is putting on Stupor Bowl Sprints on Friday the 30th. (the day before Stupor Bowl) We will meetup at Pre-reg at CRC and head out around 9 for Sprints and Trackstand. Trevor's been kind of down playing sprints because he wants to save his energy for the race the next day. But I would like to encourage any of you out of towners who think you've got legs to give our man a try. The Robeast is unstoppable.

1 comment:

skrnygphr said...

Hey you jerk I won your first sprint comp. Thanks for the love.