March 25, 2009


I'm off to Milwaukee tomorrow for the MMI. I'll try to put in a few updates over the weekend but I trust you'll understand if it doesn't happen.

In other news, we finished filming for Bootleg Sessions last weekend and got together to watch some of the footage yesterday. None of us, besides Andy, had really gotten to watch it and we were all nervous to see how it turned out, and I'm happy to report that MPLS will be well represented. Andy did a phenomenal job of filming and the tricks are solid. I'd like to say thanks again to Burd for allowing us to be a part of it.
Thanks for coming over boys.

Anyhoo, I bid you ado for the weekend (maybe) and leave you with some random photos of Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorf.
Guaranteed to help get you through this rainy weekend.

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Anonymous said...

hey jeff its bob is there anyway i could see my footage people said it turned out good idk if andy could email or like send it to vince or what not