March 4, 2009

38th Anniversary Phils

I almost crapped when I saw these. That's Gold Plating, not anno

3.5 Track Limited (from Phil's site)

These hubs will be released exclusively to Bike Shops on April 1, 2009 in celebration of our 38th Anniversary. Only 100 sets will be available in the United States. These hubs will have a 3.5" flange with a custom slotting design. Please do not call us for information on these hubs unless you are a Bicycle Shop.

Specs and Options

They will only be available in 32 and 36 hole, single fixed, and in a 120mm spacing. No other options will be made available.


The following colors are available in the quantities listed:
Note: All colors other than silver will have an upcharge.

50 Silver
20 Black
10 Red
5 Blue
5 Green
5 Purple
5 Gold

All hubs will be laser marked with a serial number signifying its position in the limited run and color. A stainless dog tag will also come with the hub and will be laser market with the serialized number and color to match the hub. The signatures of the designer and assembler of the hub will also be included on the dog tag.
picture of standard high flange hub and 38th Anniversary 3.5


Anonymous said...

April 1st.

Unknown said...

thanks for the tip, I will seek them out. I see one on one has ordered a few pair so far, wonder if they're spoken for