March 25, 2009

Capricorn Bags

Looks like Brad from Capricorn is testing the Commuter/Messenger bag market.

*text from Capricorn site
We're trying something new over here at Capricorn World HQ. Local seamstress Amber Jensen, who you may recall made both my Cappy Caps and my coveted Fatty Trunk Sack, just bought a closet-full of wholesale canvas and is turning at least some of it into rugged, classically-styled commuter bags.

Pictured here is the first prototype and it features double-thick canvas construction, ultra-suede straps, two outer pockets under the flap, and steel buckles. We went into this collaboration with the intention to use little to no plastic, and while the buckles are a bit more cumbersome to use than the hardware on just about every bag made these days, but we're okay with making something a little different.

The way we see it the buckles holding the flap closed are more-or-less optional. The buckle on the shoulder strap still allows plenty of adjustment, and can be adjusted on the fly if you refrain from threading the extra through the loops. This isn't a messenger bag-- there's no Velcro, no stash pocket, and most certainly no fast-living, urban hipster niche that we're trying to accommodate. It's just a bag which you can use for any mundane, self-gratifying purpose you'd like; on or off your bicycle.

There are currently eight colors to choose from: aqua, citron (pictured), raspberry, brown, rust, sage, pink, and black. Introductory price is $100 plus shipping. Money back if it doesn't work out for you (provided it's returned in satisfactory condition). Email me if you want one or simply have any questions.

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