March 15, 2009

Repaired Pista Concept

We went out riding again today, and Vinnie of V.S. Social Standard was out on his freshly repaired and painted Bianchi Pista Concept. I don't know the year on it, but it was originally celeste (maybe 2004?) if that helps all of you Bianchi fans out there identify it.

Anyway, late last year his downtube cracked into two separate pieces, and when he told me some guy was going to repair it, the first thing I did (as all bike mechanics love to do) was get ready to smash his dreams. Every asshole who thinks he can weld, thinks he can build or fix bikes. I've seen this scenario many times, and always with poor results. You crack your frame, and some friend of your dad, who's cousin welds plumbing offers to fix it for you. No problem. It's just a bike.

That story almost never turns out well, but Vinnie said this guy could do it. And did it, he did. It's ugly, but seems to be holding up. And hey, check out that nasty scar, you can't buy that kind of street cred.
Vin's stoked to be back on his beloved Concept, and everything seems right with the world. Congrats kid, and I'll see all of you on Tuesday for Tricks and Drinks at the government center garage.

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that a girl vinnie