March 5, 2009

Hi-Five shirt update

Just wanted to drop an update for those of you out there who asked for a Hi-Five t-shirt.

The short answer is: they are not done yet, but I am working on it.

The long answer is that I have been broke lately and have not had the money to order the t-shirt stock. However I get paid next week and will be ordering the stock then and printing them the week after.

To clear up any confusion of why this run of shirts differs from normal Bike Jerks practices:

Many of those waiting for a Hi-Five shirt have been Bike Jerks customers before and they know that I take great pride in getting your order out the door lickety split. Delivering goods in a timely fashion is something that I believe deeply in. Ordering something online is exciting and coming home from a day at work to find shiny new baubles (or hats and shirts in this case) waiting on your doorstep can really brighten the day. And for those people I would like to fully explain the situation so that they can understand why this is taking so long.

The difference between your online order and these t-shirts is money. I have not yet asked for any and no one has paid in advance. What this means is that in my mind we have not entered into a contractual agreement of goods for cash. It was a deliberate choice on my part not to take anyone's money until the shirts were done. Once an order is placed and paid for I'm on your time, and I'm going to deliver the goods as quickly as possible.

These have been a very busy few months for me and when demand for these shirts lit up my email a while back, I knew that my ability to fullfill those wishes might be seriously hindered by my other responsibilities in this life. That is why I decided that I didn't want to work on anyone's schedule but my own. Hence no one has paid a cent. I realize that this is dragging on and I will have the money and the time to get the shirts done in the next two weeks. I will be making extra and putting them up for sale, as well as ordering extra grey 50/50 t-shirts to do customs for those who would like a Bike Jerks shirt on something other than white. I'm really taken with this shirt stock and wish I could wear one everyday. They are soft like a babies ass and look nicer than your dog.

You will have your shirts soon, thanks for being patient with me and hopefully understanding the reasons why this is taking so long.

Rest assured that if you were to place an actual online order for products from our online store, no matter what state of busyness my life is in, you will get you your stuff in a timely and agreed upon manner.


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