March 17, 2009

New Things

Little Matt (wheelbuilder guy, tiny brah) built himself a new Salsa Campeon fixed gear. The Campeon is a full Scandium (a lighter and supposedly better riding brother of Aluminum) tubeset with a carbon rear end. The fork has a carbon steerer as well. It's light. Real light.
But there's an inescapable fact here and I won't couch this in carefully chosen words: that paint job is ugly. Butt ass ugly. That paint job has always looked terrible every single time I've seen it built up. Always.
Except this time.
This was built from parts he had laying about, and inexplicably it turned out perfect. Even the yellow inside tab on the Ciusi cages works with the yellow tires. I don't mean to gush, but you've got to admit. He couldn't have done any better with it, though I bet he won't still be riding that saddle in a week.

New Bike Day

And Season sew'd (hath sown) these two Yeti pillows.
(I like the one with the moustache)

Wishing you champagne kisses, and caviar nights

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