November 20, 2009

Green Guru Bag Giveaway

Green Guru is giving away one of their new eco friendly bags made from recycled materials to whoever sends them the best photo of their thrashed bag.

what are you waiting for?


a dude that wants a fixie said...

hey i am looking for a fixie and i saw yours in one of the youtube videos and i want to know what kind it is. i am looking for a fixie that can barspin and i am not sure which ones can and which ones can't. if u custom made yours, can you tell me which fixies can barspin?

Jeff said...

Pretty much any track/fixed gear bike with a fork on it with an axle-to-crown measurement of around 400mm can.

their are trick specific bikes: All-City Dropout, Milwaukee Bruiser, Volume Cutter, Leader Trickstar, and their are also people who put mtn bike forks on their regular track/fixed frames, and their are also dudes who run a small wheel up front in order to get barspin clearance.

a dude that wants a fixie said...

ok thanks a lot