November 30, 2009

Capital Gravel Road Racer

Last week I posted a teaser for pics of my friend Craig's Capital gravel road bike, but was waiting for Craig to fill me in on all the details before posting full photos. I'm tired of waiting, so here without further ado is Craig's Capital which was tailor made for the gravel road riding he does in Vilas County Wisconsin every summer.

Rando, Rivendell, and tweed nerds be jizzin'


Nitto brazed stem, simply one of the classiest production parts ever


Nitto rear rack, Brooks, French (forget which brand) metal fenders

Paul New Racers

gorgeous integrated cable hanger coming off the binder


Shimano Dynamo front hub, hooked up to a Schmidt front light

custom brazed fender strut to accomodate headlight and generator cord



handlebar bag with metal patches

I believe the word you're searching for is bagoo
(bagoo is the sound nerds make when jizzin, to say it properly you need to sink your head into your neck, get red faced and blurt it out)


Prolly said...

the patches fucking rule!

mark$ter said...

Craiggles McShithead is a man what knows what he needs - fools best deliver lest he low laugh. Don't be low laughin' now.

Jeff said...

I kick em all

Anonymous said...

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