November 12, 2009

Delta Gaugin Rack Problems

Last night I hung my Delta Gaugin rack in the new house and coincidentally discovered some problems with my Marinoni that were caused by sitting on said rack. I figured that if any of you out there are using this or a similar rack to hold your beloved bikes you might want this information.

the rack in question. The blue tape was my late night solution to being able to hang my bikes back on it and still fall asleep peacefully. I'll probably end up wrapping it in bar tape


the damage. right where the front of the bike sits on the hook. Although I have not noticed any issues with my Cappy which also shares this rack, or my BMC or El Mariachi which share a somewhat similar rack made by Delta. *the Marinoni even though Canadian has what you might call classic Italian paint, if you know what I mean*

not a huge deal on a bike I commute on, but I figured it was worth mentioning in case any of you out there have show pieces that are sitting on similar racking

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Anonymous said...

I've been using the Racor racks for a quite a while. They have a nice rubber coating. :)