November 30, 2009

Close Call

Today was my first ride on my original Big Block since taking it apart to framesaver it. On the way in to work I noticed the chain was popping. I intended to inspect it, but I forgot about it during the bustle of the work day.

On my way home it continued to act up but rather than stopping and checking it out I continued to ride. I figured my chain was just really tight (which it was) and I would fix it at home. Turns out that was a big mistake as it broke on me on my way downhill. Luckily for me I was riding double brake fixed and the chain wrapped safely around the cog and axle.

So what's the point of this non-incident? Well, this could have happened

This was a reminder to me to not fuck around when it comes to chains on fixed gear bikes. If your chain is acting up, stop and check it out
the repair


Anonymous said...

Oof, sounds scary. Good think you were riding with brakes!

I've experienced my fair share of chain drops, which resulted in my cat-like reflexes and ted shred abilities being tested. I have yet to experience a chain break, though.

After reading this post, I think I am going to put a new chain on this week.

Jeff said...

me too

Jihad said...

Time to Get a Shadow Conspiracy half link (indestructible). If your chain breaks remember you can stop by putting your foot between the tire and rear seat stay and applying pressure. It's not perfect but it will slow you down.

Anonymous said...

you put a link from a different chain in to a kmc z chain? that's fixing it? your not going to fuck around with chains anymore? really? get a 510 and save yourself the embarrassment of this happening again.