October 22, 2009

Track or Treat 2009

Here's the flyer for Track or Treat next week, look for handbills in bikeshops this weekend
to some of you this flyer might look awfully familiar, but cut me some slack. It's from a birthday card that B.Ridget's father drew for me a few years back and we're moving and I am just too busy to come up with a new design. So deal with it.

Some things to remember:

Two Manifest, Pentagram race: do the star and then the perimeter
All Downtown
Time bonus for brakeless
Fixed Gears Only

The miss and out will be a short course in the warehouse district and will feature prizes for both men and women, as will the main race.

So far here are the race sponsors:

Banjologobanjo's kicked in a backpack and a panier

Al-City's kicking in two hubsets

bikejerksskullBike Jerks is throwing the race and kicking in some hats and shirts

Trash Bags is making two winner's hip packs

Velocity sent over two sets of rims

and Vinnie is throwing the trick comp. so you can talk to him about that

Expect a good time and a hell of a weekend, what with homey and all

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