October 19, 2009

Stolen Bike

A friends 29er was stolen last night.

From the owner:
The lock was cut and the bike was clumsily dismantled loose from my Bob trailer (which they left) from inside the gate in my front yard at 28th & Fremont in Uptown. The bike is very distinctive, has little resale value, and you'll know it when you see it.

It's an aluminum no-name frame (NYCbikes, for the record) that's been rattle-canned white with a black Karate Monkey fork. It has a "sticker collage" on the downtube that's mostly blue and black and a Surly head badge. Someone might try to pawn it off as a Surly, but it's clearly not. Most notably, it has a pink bashguard (anodized red, really) and red pedals. It's set up 2 x 1 with a front derailleur and Shimano Alfine tensioner. Salsa riser bar. Silver Sugino crank, other parts all black. Crank Brothers headset (green) and a white headset cap. Avid V-brakes. Schwalbe Big Albert tire in the front and WTB Nanoraptor in the rear.

If you see this bike, reclaim it, unless the guy's name is Elliot in which case he already got his bike back. For sightings please feel free to leave comments or send me an email.


Anonymous said...

just come across this. has the bike been recovered?
i saw someone riding a similar looking build yesterday afternoon on raymond ave near the st. paul campus. though the frame was painted all brown. lighter than the surly brown.

Elliott said...

No, my bike is still missing. Can you tell me any more about what you saw?