October 6, 2009

Croll on Bike Snob

I was stoked last week to see this Croll track bike on BikeSnob: hipster high lock
hipster high-lock[1]
it's always nice to see Minneapolis bikes in other cities.

I'm totally jealous


Prolly said...

there's a Croll crew here in NYC. That's my boy K-tel's Bike. Really rad. The OG fork was crashed when a car hit him. A shame!

Noren said...

Ha! I made that bike.Peacock Groove is the new Croll ... but way better.

Jeff said...

I have a Croll road frame but I want a track one so bad.

Anonymous said...

I live in NYC and used to live in Mpls for over ten years, and cannot stand fixed gear bikes and the sheep that come with them. Croll bikes are wonderful, but if you look at the original bike snob post he was poking fun at the fixed gear trend to lock their bikes in the most vain way that still does not stop thieves. The most idiotic riders are fixed gear riders here in NYC, especially on Bridges where they dont slow down or leave room for both bikers to pass or say on your left to pedestrians. Also try a cheap front light and a helmet. Dollar stores have cheap lights.

Cheers to all the old seasoned bikers, and respectful riders in Mpls.