July 16, 2008

Schedule of events

The event is open to all types of bicycles and all types of riders. Some will be racing for glory, while others cruise around and bar hop. This is one of the largest alleycats in the country and is always a real showcase of the Twin Cities cycling community. If you've ever wanted to experience urban bicycle culture, this is your chance. It is going to be ridiculous amounts of fun, and I'd love to see you all there.

The schedule of events looks like this:


Meet up at One on One at 9pm
Style skids
Distance skids
Best trick fixed gear
Best trick BMX (yep that's right we're having a BMX street comp as well)
Match Sprints (a head to head tournament, lose and you're out. fastest man and women shall be cloaked in glory, I hear the robeast Trevor Crayton is planning on destroying all comers)


4-5 Sign up at One on One
5 Race
9 Race Cutoff, Finish at Bedlam Theatre
9:30 Bootleg Sessions Vol 2 premiere (freestyle fixed gear movie)
10:00 Awards ceremony
11:00 Trackstand
11:30 Sweet Sweet Bitches (fuck yeah)
2:00 Cold Hard Dash For Cash From Mike Brauer's @$$ (we're attaching a bag of money to a scantily clad Mike Brauer's backside and sending him off downtown, first one to take the money gets paid. That ought to empty out the bar in a hurry)

the entrance fee of $10 gets you into the events on Friday and Saturday, as well as (cheap or free PBR and Surly at the afterparty, we're not quite sure how the bar is going to run it yet, but you'll get your money's worth I can promise you that).

If you can't make the race but still want to come and hang out on Saturday, there will be a cover of $5 to get into the festivities and show (that $5 however does not get you any deals on beer)

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