July 26, 2008

Manned Stops

As promised here are the locations of the ten manned stops.

Grumpy's NE 2200 4th st NE
Grumpy's Downtown 1111 Washington Ave S
Matt's Bar 3500 Cedar Ave S
Lake Harriet Roseway Rd/ E Lake Harriet Parkway
Bryant Lake Bowl 810 W Lake st
One on One Alley 117 Washington Ave S
Rail Station Bar 3675 Minnehaha Ave
Triple Rock 629 Cedar Ave S
Sunrise Inn 4563 34th ave s
Liqour Lyles 2021 Hennepin Ave S

You should keep in mind however that I still have some tricks up my sleeve.

Also I have decided to make a change in the prize categories:

Instead of first through third out of town. I will be giving away prizes to first mens and womens out of town.
That means you now have a 1 in 8 shot of getting a Capricorn if you place.

these are the prize categories that would get your name into the Capricorn drawing
1-3 mens
1-3 womens
1st out of town mens
1st out of town womens

These do not:
Masters (35+) mens
Masters womens
Time Trial Mens
Time Trial Womens

See you guys there and remember that Bedlam will be serving food after the race.


Anonymous said...

I will win! My name is Landon. Give me a Capricorn polo bike! I am so tiny. So tiny.

Anonymous said...

Sign that to my cast, chump!

Rail Station said...

Thanks for the shout out!

The Rail Station Bar and Grill Minneapolis!