July 21, 2008

More Prize Wheels

The green set are Velocity Hubs - Deep V's, black spokes and nipples. It was donated by V.S.'s and is the top prize for best trick fixed gear.  And yes Vince is eligible to ride and I know he's been working on some new tricks.  You kids better watch out.  If he wins the event the wheels will become the Sprint prize.  

The red hubs are Dimension's (absolutely the best value in track hubs going, they're awesome) laced to non machined fusions, with black spokes and red alloy nips.  They look way nice and spin super smooth.  Not sure yet who will win these beauties.

The silver hubs are Profile racing hubs.  They come with standard (non-metric) hardware, which at first I thought was weird and really inconvenient, but in discussing it a friend pointed out that organized bike thieves (they do exist) know enough to carry metric hardware.  They aren't expecting American hardware and thus these wheels might be harder to steal.  It's a theory anyway.

The rims are the new ELVS reflective rims from Velocity, in a cars beams they light up like a Christmas tree and are both very cool and very expensive. 

Those rims on those hubs=pimp as shit.  The men's champ is taking those home.

My roomate and professional wheelbuilder (open for business) Matt built the green set and the others where handbuilt by Handspun wheels. Handspun also donated the spokes and nips for the wheelsets.

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