July 28, 2008

All City Results

Thanks again to everyone who came out, helped out, or showed up. It was amazing as always and it couldn't happen with out you. The third year was by far the biggest yet and I can't wait for year number four.

Sorry if I didn't have time to chat or exchange pleasantries with you. I tend to be very stressed out and lose my sense of humor around race time. I had a lot of shit to do and I didn't get to meet or spend time with everyone whom I had hoped to. But hey I'll see you next weekend at Southside Suicide and I'm sure I'll be in a much better mood. I love you all very much, and I was stoked to see the strength of the Minneapolis cycling community on display.

Here are the results to the best of my abilities:


1 Jana 2 Steph 3 Rita 4 Kat 5 Cayla 6 Maria (these are the ladies with complete manifests)
Masters: Jana
Out of town: Misty, Winnipeg
Time Trial: Erin W 9min 20 sec

I also want to give a shout out to Alicia who came in first 7 minutes ahead of Jana but answered one of the questions wrong.
Alicia you put in an amazing effort and for what it's worth I'm very proud of you and you deserve to be recognized as one of the fastest ladies in town. Good fucking job. you rule.

Nice job ladies


1 Brauer 2 Trevor 3 Benjammin 4 Jason P 5 Landon 6 Tim W 7 Martin 8 Bjorn 9 Phil 10 Curly Bro 11 Mitch O 12 Jon Z 13 Aaron H 14 Eric R 15 Pike 16 Timothy H 17 Anthony Kwan 18 Mark F 19 Micah 20 Matt S
Masters: Martin
Time Trial: Benjammin 7min 50 sec

I'll post tons of pics soon, including the headshots by Linda Sue Amundson

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Sveden said...

Hell yah! Nice job to all who finished this race.