July 14, 2008

Lake Harriet Time Trial

Included in this years race will be a time trial around Lake Harriet.

Starting at Roseway Road and Lake Harriet Parkway East, riders will check in, do one lap around the lake and check back in for the finishing time.

Minneapolis' own Sven will be running the show at the time trial.  All racers who hope to compete for an overall placing must complete the time trial to receive their stamp for the stop, and the top time trial times for men and women will receive prizes and recognition at the awards.

Also I have decided to post the manned stops at 12:00 on this blog.
In the interest of growing the race and making it more friendly to out of towners, I feel that this is a necessary step. As it is just too much to ask someone who doesn't live here to come up with a competitive route in only 30 minutes.  

But don't worry I will not give all the stops, just the manned ones (which is most) and I will certainly have a few tricks up my sleeve.  This aint' gonna be no gimme.

And to all the whiners out there, quit asking me if it's really gonna be 40 miles.  I already said it'll be shorter and more fun than last year. so stop being scared and start getting ready.


Anonymous said...

So is it gonna be 40 miles?

Anonymous said...

Will the time trial be on the path or the road? Encouraging racers to go 20+ mph on the cycling path during a summer Saturday afternoon seems like a recipe for a small child getting hit by a speeding cyclist.

Anonymous said...

i understand that you have to do it, but will your time at the time trail have any effect on your standings for the race?

Anonymous said...

How will anyone win this, the speed limit on the bike path is 10 mph and I'm sure you're not encouraging people to break the law.

Anonymous said...

nevermind i figured it out. (re:3rd post)