July 24, 2008

New Bike Jerks hats by Grovecraft

These hats were hand made for us by Grovecraft.  They were printed by me before being stitched together, which was a welcome change.  The prints are all super nice and consistent, which I find to be an impossible task with my other hats since printing on a non flat surface especially one that contains an elastic band is extremely difficult and frustrating.  These were way faster and a much more pleasant experience for me.  They are incredibly nice and worth every penny of the $28 price tag.  Handprinted by me, handmade by Grovecraft.  They will sell super quick so come and get em.

I have also been screenprinting  up a fucking storm with the shirts and hats.  I have tons of colored shirts, in pink, blue, purple, grey, tan, and green and hats in each of those colors as well.  I am setting up a merchandise table at Bedlam and will have some stuff with me on Friday night as well and I encourage you to buy our shit as I will have more product than at any time before in our existence.  Colored shirts will be $11, Colored hats will be $15.  

I will also have last years and this years posters for sale.  They will be $5 for the pair.  It was one of the big disappointments for me last year that we sold so few of the posters. I really love the design and the more I see it the more I appreciate the detail and color choice. They are four color screenprint and were designed and printed by the famous Bjorn of Burlesque. He did a great job and they are simply kickass posters.
Own a piece of Minneapolis cycling history. 


Whatsisname said...

Will you have cardboard tubes or something of that sort to throw the posters in, or should we bring our own if we wanna snag a pair?


Bike Jerks said...

i will have rubber bands. bring your own tube.