February 3, 2011

Stupor Bowl I Flyer - Results

I was trolling the interwebs for info on the first Stupor Bowl and came across this amazing list of alleycats and races organized by year on messengers.org

It has results, flyers and photos from races from all over the world, including the first Stupor Bowl.

Here's the flyer:

Here are the results:

1. Mark - MBMA
2. Jason - MBMA
3. Barry McMenamin - DC
4. Brett - MBMA
5. Rob - MBMA
6. Jon - MBMA
7. Shawn - MBMA
8. Owen - NYC
9. Chad - MBMA
10. Kevin (Squid?) - NYC
11. Alex - TO
12. Chris - NYC
13. Martin - MBMA
14. Christian - MBMA
15. Paul T - MBMA
16. Derek Chadbourne - TO
17. Rich - NYC:
24. Dave - NYC
27. Amber - MBMA
29. John - Chicago:
31. Ahme - MBMA
34. Olivia - NYC
35. Gail - MBMA
46. Steve - NYC: 4 pts

Here is the write up:

As a new association of one year Feb 97 to Feb 98 MBMA had decided that, after racing in 6 different cities and 8 different races, it was about time Minneapolis had an Alley Cat race. For the uniformed Alley Cats are illegal bike races that take in the entire city as their race course.

The master plan was simple. Inviting Alley Cats from around the world to come to Minneapolis (Minnesota) and take in the entire city as their race course (traditionally Jan 24 is the coldest day in the USA.) Have a bunch of bands play, put on a great race and everyone would have a great time. Funny how some times some things come out the way you plan it.

The whole craziness started when in a meeting in late November someone suggested it, and there you go. This race would be the first of the year for the Timbuk2 International Messenger Rankings. MBMA decided that we would buy the airfare for both winners of women and men's divisions to the 1998 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Washington DC. A bigger than life adventure had begun and the stunning discovery that we have called our own hand. But In the cats honest truth, in the grand tradition, rumours of the race began to circulate around the world. The deal was done, all we had to do was to make up a course. So in the true tradition of Alley Cat races;...take in the entire city as their race course....

The final design was a masterpiece, taking into account the collective agreement (name: Stupor Bowl, outline of course) amongst the MBMA participants. Photocopied pamphlets made their rounds while the MBMA was promising a whole bunch of fun. Somehow word of the Alley Cat had made its way to: Swobo, Pssst, Haskells Liquors, Bauer Sport and Cycle, Bran 3000, Cars-r-Coffins, Quality Bike Products, Metro Legal Services, Dunhill (thank you very much, do you think we could send the female MBMA Champion a ticket for the HPR?), Seigel Properties, Minneapolis Star and Tribune, and Ashtray Lounge, J-bag and local artists Bridget, Ahme, Amber, Chuck, Sean, Tim, Foster, Fritz.....

Invitations were sent to Individuals, companies, publications and messenger hang-outs from Amsterdam to Karlsruhe to London, Bamako to Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Boston, New Haven, Philadelphia, NYC, DC, Richmond, Portland, Seattle, LA, Monterey, SF, Denver, Lawrence, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Miami and Houston, Tulsa, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Ames, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Honolulu, Missal, Cleveland, Englewood and Boulder. Publications from London to SF to Richmond to Seattle to Toronto to NYC, Philadelphia, Boston and DC. I do apologize that I left most of the Europeans, Aussies, South Americans, Japanese, off the mailings, because of the time restrictions. Next year...

After a few weeks of sending out and receiving back race information from so many wrong addresses, we thought: 'one out of town racer would be fantastic'. But nothing was going to deter the Minneapolis crew from going ahead and organizing the volunteers. B-rad was the volunteer crew leader, and he promised that he would deliver his crew as planned. Brad had comfortably taken care of every little detail, thanks so much Brad!!! Working to exhaustion every night the twelve hour days were going to pay off.

What we had to do next was to set the site for the pre and post party celebrations. The welcome party at sawatdee was fantastic, thanks so much to Charlie, Jake and the wonderful staff (MBMA will always support 118 n. 4th street). The race awards ceremony was held at the 617 Lounge (Otters). Unbelievable or what??? Everyone who missed this one will not only hear about it when you see MBMA at the races, but you will see the smiles on our faces when we talk about it (Denise you are the best, see you next year!!!) - 617 rocks - the post award celebration would be held at the space program. Haskells had donated 6 kegs for our celebration(thank you very very much Mitch, Ted, Leo and the crew).

So everything was in place, but no word yet of any out of towners coming. Now just think: to get a vacation and take that vacation in Minneapolis in January for fun, the word traveled fast. Thanks to all who either wrote or called and e-mailed. Too bad you couldn't make it, but there is always next year - thank you! I know an updated mailing list should be made.

Race week: the 1st crew to show was NYC, after driving as many hours as Toronto, they made it Thursday night (Richie, Olivia, Dave, Kevin, Owen, Steve, Chris(mpls transplant) yes!! Derek called Thursday late PM and said he and a couple more racers were with him, this is going to fun, international race. DC and Chi-town should up with one thing on their minds?????? Barry and Jeff drove from chi and arrived about 3 hours later than Toronto, so the party has begun to the tune of 5:30am. A special thanks goes out to the home host; Chad & Scott, Amber, James and Tim & Brad thanks so so so much.

The race Saturday was so awesome from start of registration to the finish with the group roaring for Marlee!!!! Tim Gellerman the oldest MBMA racer in Stupor Bowl was the first registered racer. At 34 Tim is the best disc golf MBMA player. If MBMA would go as far as sponsorship, Tim would be our man in his travels; good luck gells! The players packages consisted of stickers, candy, candy, candy (sugar buzz), spoke card and patch kits and a few had blinkies. 47 racers were checked in and 47 racers came in. It was a great turnout for Minneapolis' first Stupor Bowl 1997. 5 of the 47 were women, way to go ladies!!!!!

During the registration Joey (photo) and Doug (writer) showed up from our local newspaper star & tribune. They had a fantastic time and they are looking forward to the next Alley Cat. As the group formed A Le Mans start from the MBMA summer bench, a nice crowd had formed wondering and waiting for things to explode. The start gave the racers 4 routes, but not Alex from Toronto, he thought he would start about 5 mins late(safety reasons). 32 minutes later, on a course almost 10 miles, with his dad at the finish line, Mark came roaring down Nicollet to a huge ovation. Jason came in second and a close third was Barry out of DC. Amber came in at the middle of the pack (I've seen her race faster) for the prize to DC. Sunshine on her old old school Schwinn finished a close second with Olivia (NYC) coming in a very very close third. All the racers stayed on the mall till all the racers were in. Marlee (TO), who will be a very fast Alley Cat racer, finished in a roar!!!!!

The awards ceremony was super. Top 20 finishers received prizes, with every out of towner received a MBMA t-shirt and CD. Mark and Amber will be in Washington for the worlds, so everyone watch out!!!! The skid competition was held over the bridge and the down the road. I am happy to say everyone made it home safely that night. MBMA will always have our arms open to the messengers from around the world. If anyone comes to Minneapolis to visit, call 6126301704. We are here for you.

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