February 18, 2011

New Stickers

My sticker order came today. Big thanks to J-man at Featherlite for making this happen again.

This new sticker bundle includes a re up of the Good Girl and The Tom. I'm especially excited about having both an original and die cut Tom stickers. This was on the original Bike Jerks stickers run four years ago and is probably my favorite sticker that we've done. For those not familiar with the design, it was originally a t-shirt screen from B.ridget's Father's bike shop in St. Paul. Tom has a unique drawing style, and this design is classic.

I've also got the new Feeding Skull design, J-man's Bandit Cross Bike Jerks logo, and both a black backed script logo and a sheet of die cut script logo's on white.

I'll be putting together a spring stickerpack which will be available in a few weeks. If you place a shirt order though, I'll be including one of each sticker immediately.

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