February 2, 2011

Favorite Things: Ibex Woolies Long Underwear

as anybody will tell you, long johns are a Midwest winter institution

Worn here by our buddy Jesse Hilliard
Probably the funniest thing Prolly has ever said is when he called Jesse's outfit a "Minneapolis tuxedo"

Standard Long Johns are great, you put them on in November and take them off in March. But when you really want to get pro, you get some wool ones. And not scratchy wool ones either.

I bought a pair of these in December last year
and they turned out to be some of the best money I ever spent. I will never again buy any baselayer bottom that isn't these. In traditional long johns (that's what I grew up calling the thermals with the little squares, and by association all types of base layer bottoms that aren't made of lycra (those are tights)) they start to get uncomfortable after a few hours and they feel heavy on the legs. These are so thin you don't even notice them after a minute, but they're all I've been wearing under my dickies or jeans throughout the coldest days of this winter.

they're super rad.

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