August 21, 2009

Tonight: Sprints and Trackstands

Friday Aug 21st - 10pm
Pre Reg, Match Sprints, and Trackstand
-meet at 4th st n and 6th ave n in warehouse district

Trackstand first then Match Sprints

The winner of Trackstand will receive
A proto Banjo white backpack, a set of Milwaukee track hubs, and an All-City Nice hat

The sprint champs will receive
that's the ladies prize (two bags) on the left and the men's (bag, cog, flask) on the right

The sprints will consist of a single elimination tournament. the course will be around 70 yards.

some other random ACC business:

The Profiles for the winner of the trick comp got here today, and are already in Mike Carney's hands

Uhoh toys shirts were dropped of yesterday. they look like this

and lastly:
I have been screenprinting a bunch of shirts and hats in preparation for this weekend and will have some stuff with me tonight at sprints. I will also have a table setup at registration on Saturday. I know that no one wants to buy stuff before the race, but unlike last year, I won't have a merch table at the afterparty, so if there's something you want, please get it before the race. Holly from Grovecraft will also be selling hats at registration.IMG_1515and to all of you out there who continue to support Bike Jerks by buying our stuff. Thank you so much

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