August 18, 2009

Holy Shit I've Got Prizes!

Every year I'm always amazed at the amount of prizes we receive for the All City Championship. It's a good thing too, because I've got a lot of prize categories and a lot of events.

Take for instance these wheelsets. IMG_1446
They are two sets of Surly's on B43's and one set of All-City's to B43's

Big thanks to little Matt (4ever), Handspun wheels (thanks again Dave), Velocity (your the best), and Surly for making them happen.

Back to who's getting prizes.

This year I will be giving prizes to all of these categories

Trick Comp: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Trackstand: 1st place (I think of the trackstand comp as very egalitarian so one prize for both genders)
Sprints: 1st Women's and 1st Men's

First, Second, Third Mens and Ladies
1st Out of Town Mens and Ladies
1st Masters (35+) Mens and Ladies

While I can't give you a rundown on who's getting what (that'd be a huge pain in the ass)
I can tell you that all of the positions mentioned will be getting bags (mess or backpack). 1st men's and 1st ladies in the alleycat will get a wheelset, a custom bag (Seagull and Trash Bags), and a custom hat (more on that below). The other wheelset will go to the winner of a paper rock scissors between the mens and ladies out of town winners.

And yes, of course the polo tournament is getting the polo guard.

About those hats I just mentioned.
For every big Minneapolis race that Bike Jerks sponsors I make "Holy Shit I Won" hats. This year I enlisted Holly from Grovecraft to make the winners caps
IMG_1467IMG_1470IMG_1471They turned out awesome.

One last bit of random race stuff before I go:

Banjo sent over a whole mess of bags for this years event
As always these guys are the first to jump up and support a community event

thanks to you if you've made it this far and for tolerating my constant sales pitch. but really, if there's any chance you can get to this event, you really should make an effort to come out. It's going to be memorable if nothing else.


Anonymous said...

the prizes look awesome. Can you give a run down on what/when/where? I'm in, but need the deets, and I want to tell others too but don't know where to find them on here. Thanks!

Jeff said... has all the info