August 28, 2009

Freeman Transport Toe Straps

Nathaniel Freeman recently set me up with a set of their gorgeous double toe straps
Handmade in the U.S., these are the kind of item that your grandfather might pass down to you, if you were the luckiest boy in the world, and your grandfather just happened to be a badass cyclist in the 30's.

The craftsmanship and materials are impeccable and they are some of the nicest bike parts I have laid my hands on. You know how you can just feel the precision machining of a Chris King headset deep inside, instinctively you know that it is second to none. Same with these. To say they are fucking baller is an understatement, and I'm losing my shit even thinking about mounting them on my Cappy.


Alo I've had some of you email me and wondering why I have the opportunity to get down with Freeman when they are a Montana company. The answer is that their headquarters and hearts are in Montana, but Nathaniel's (one half of Freeman) ass currently resides in the MPLS.
I'm claiming Freeman as ours.

I'll post more about them, and some pics of them on the bike (which looks way nicer now!) soon.

thanks again Nathan!

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Anonymous said...

All the Freeman stuff looks so awesome! Too rich for my blood, but I can envy it from my computer screen, right?