May 3, 2009

No Name 3rd Anniversary Race

Sunday, May 10th (Mother's Day, natch!)
Meet at Father Hennepin Bandshell, 6:30pm.
Bring $5, a fork, and a pen.
Start time is 7:00pm sharp.

The No Name race series was the catalyst for the strong alleycat scene in Minneapolis. It was the first alleycat race that I knew of here in Minneapolis that wasn't thrown by a messenger and it showed all of us that we could do throw our own races too. My victories in the first two No Names (none since, but I'm hoping to take it all at the 3rd anniversary race) were the catalyst that brought forth the All City Championships. Back then it wasn't who won the race that decided who was going to throw the next one, people were lined up to do it, and I was behind Josh and Ray, and after them it reverted to the winner throws the next one (and I haven't won one since). I wanted to throw my own race so the All City was born.

Without the No Name, there would be no All City Championship, no Babes in Bikeland, and likely none of the other summer races that we all enjoy so much. To say that these races changed the course of my life, while overly dramatic, is entirely accurate. Without them I wouldn't have done the All City Championship and wouldn't be doing All-City. I owe a huge debt to this race series, and I'm so proud that we can now celebrate three full years of racing.

Big thanks to grumpy Sam for birthing the No Name series, anyone who has participated in an alleycat in Minneapolis owes him a huge debt. I hope to see all of you out at this very special race.

The now embarrassing video of me talking shit after the first No Name race.
In case you're wondering GMS or Galactic Mystery Solvers was my first little company, before Bike Jerks.
The No Skanks thing referred to a "No Skanks" spoke card that we made, which later became the infamous No Skanks sticker.
and before anyone gets all in a bunch about it. The No Skanks design was created by a woman. I am really neither pro nor anti skank. I am neutral like Switzerland

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Kevin said...

I think you need to introduce a line of "GMS is gonna take over this fuckin town" shirts. And I want one.