May 31, 2009

Matt's Pierre

In keeping with today's theme of Minneapolis built frames, here are some shots of my little bro Matt's Pierre. Pierre is a Campagnolo repair wiz and a recent graduate of UBI's frame building school. For those of you who pay attention to extreme backcountry skiing he is also the brother of world famous cliff dropper Jaime Pierre. This is the first frame that he has completed outside of UBI and was fabricated with guidance from Erik Noren of Peacock Groove. The neat thing about this bike is that it represents Matt's vision of his ideal cross machine, which also happens to be my vision as well. Horizontals for single speeding, and full cable routing so you have the option of gears if you're ever so inclined. The only question in my mind was the visual clutter from the braze-ons, but as shown by this bike, it isn't a problem at all.

*you may notice the paint scratches. The finish was done by a gent who paints cabinets for a living, not bikes, and little Matty is not dainty with his machines*

King headset, DT Swiss 240 hubs laced to 1.1's, tied and soldered (my man knows a good wheel). Classic canti's, a vintage Shimano seatpost, Campy crankset. A thoroughly classy build

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