May 18, 2009

Brooklyn X Milwaukee

Last week I bought one of the Milwaukee Bruiser first generation prototype forks. I figured I shoot some pics in case anyone out there was wondering how this fork would play with a 46cm Gangsta Track frameset. Please be aware when looking at these photos that this fork has a greater offset than the production models by about 3mm.
The reason that I left the steerer tube long is so that it can be mounted to other bikes at some point. The Brooklyn has a very short headtube, and if I cut the fork to fit, there is no way I'd be able to mount it to any of my track bikes.

As you can see the 700X25c tire that I'm using just barely clears the downtube. Again, please remember that this protoype fork has a larger offset than the forthcoming production models.So far I'm really enjoying the fork, it looks nice on the bike, it is lighter than expected, stiff, and grants me piece of mind during big drops. Thanks to Drew at Milwaukee for hooking it up.

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scissorneck said...

those forks are very heavy...thats all i can say, and I even cut like 4 1/2 inchs off mine still ways a ton...and rigid as fuck...