June 18, 2012



This weekend was crazy busy with on the bike and off the bike activities, however I don't have shit for photos on it.

I took a little blogger vacation and decided to chill out and just experience the moments rather than obsessively documenting them.  It's a small distinction, but it makes a big difference to my experience, and it's gotten to the point the past few years, where if I don't shoot photos I feel like it didn't happen.  If I can't share it, what's the point?

It's kind of a fucked up way to go through life, and every now and then it's nice to just be normal.

On Friday we did some prep for our garage sale Saturday morning then headed over to the Nature Valley Grand Prix crit in Uptown.


Tons of folks were out and about and it was great to crack some beers on the street and see some familiar faces.

After that it was off to Barbette for some drinks on the patio and then to Memory Lanes to celebrate some birthdays and see Nico's (one of All-City's couriers) band play on the lanes.

The Young Distractions

The next day we had a garage sale, but got rained out after only an hour in business.  Sale prep dominated our evenings for the past week so it was a bit of a disappointment.  The good thing was that I got off the hook early and was now free to ride in the 7th annual BBQ Cat thrown by Andy Larson of Trash Bags.  

I've won the race in the past, and have been lying low in terms of alleycats, so I was pumped to spend the day racing.

About 17 folks raced and negotiated a full city course where we were made to ingest a bunch of gross grill out themed stuff.  Shots of relish followed up by a shot of Polish for instance.

I was the first racer back but read the manifest wrong and had to head back out to fix my error.  By the time I got back three other riders had finished.  Turns out though that we were all hosed, as the only racer who actually got all the answers right was a girl named Katy who was back about 45 minutes.

Bummer to have messed up the race, but all of us were super pumped on the outcome and the winner.  She ruled that shit.

Happily, I neglected to shoot any photos of the race or after party.


After that we headed to the dog park for some beers at sunset and then I rode over to the Angry Catfish for their Rapha party.  The move after that was to the backyard for some whiskey sipping with Matt around the fire.  


Sunday Bridget and I rode over to the downtown farmers market to pick up some produce and then drove over to Goodwill to drop off a bunch of rummage sale stuff and then went record shopping.

Weekend like these make it so good to live here.


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kate em said...

hey homes, didn't make it over to your sale this weekend cuz of all that rotten weather. Forced me to stay home with my terrified puppy rather than scope some cool stuff.

you gonna re-do the sale or what!?