June 25, 2012

Cool Story Bro

Tonight we headed to the dog park and then the Co-op to pick up some groceries.  Since it was hot I grabbed a button up, sleeveless style.  This shirt belonged to my grandfather and is one of the only things I have from him.  He was a whippet of a man, and in order to make it wearable I had to chop the sleeves off.

Holy crap was I a dirty look magnet. I had folks staring to the left, the right...People would look at my face, then their eyes would go in for the body scan.
Being prone to leering, I know that move inside and out.

As the eyes descended all made a gagging lemon face like I had just farted.
This ensemble was molesting their eyeballs and ruining the experience of paying $8 for a gallon of milk.

Ever had an LSD wrinkled prune of a man in Tom's (fucking Tom's, are you kidding me?), cargo shorts with a belt, and a tucked in tye dye look at you like you hump goats out back in the shed?

It's the socks right?  I gotta lose the socks.



Anonymous said...

it's that look on your face!

Anonymous said...

What co-op where you at?

Anonymous said...

The lemon face was just a reaction to their realization that they wanted you, right then, as you were. being dead sexy is tough.

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