June 18, 2012

Josh's Giant


If you mention to me the phrase "Minneapolis Bike" Ol Drinky's Giant would be the first bicycle that pops into my head. He's been riding this single speed beater ever since I've known him, and it is an outstanding specimen of a style of urban bicycle that is somewhat uniquely endemic to the Twin Cities.

The Ol' MPLS is one of three cradles of Single Speeding according to reliable sources, the others being  Santa Cruz and wherever Chipps Chippendale was living in England, and on the streets of the city it's common place to find a bike like this locked up next to a track bike.

This is no show pony, or anybody's trophy, but this perfectly seasoned mtb has style that you can't buy with all the money in the world.

drink it in.






1 comment:

Tinj said...

Been thinking about trying to build something like this up for a while, great inspiration. One hell of a bike.